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Friday, May 02, 2008

Yoga makes me crave ice cream vol3.5354

So I find yoga extremely challenging. I work out 5 days a week and I do yoga about once a month, yet every time I do it, it basically kicks my ass. I still cannot find Downward dog to be a resting pose, I feel much more comfortable in Cobra and of course the Child's pose.

Anyway, it amuses me that as strong as I am getting from weight lifting, I still cry for mercy if I have to hold a pose for 10 seconds...but at least it is making me limber.

What is crazy is the fact that I pretty much lose all the benefits of the work out by coming home and gorging on Friendship bread and ice cream.

I have been trying out gourmet cooking the last 6 months, hence why I have to work out so much (like I say to my friends I do not work out to get skinny, I work out to fit through my front door.)

But I realized that this fascination with cooking might be getting too strong a hold of me. I just spent half an hour watching and re-watching a video on gourmet cookware. Granted the price of the 30 piece set FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS means that I will NEVER buy it, but a man can still look at it and salivate.

Remember peeps, start gearing up for the Cali-J's 30th, a year and a few months from now, it is going to be LEGEN...


Abeni said...

Seeing I will get there a month before you I can be event planner:)

swiffer sheet V said...

wait for it. I hope your are not lactose intolerant. DARY...

Anonymous said...

You are 29? I always assumed you were the same age as me.

Anonymous said...

wait, a year and a few months makes you 28 now, doesn't it?

aarond said...

Well done SSV!

Anon, sorry I have no idea who you are so I cannot confirm that we are of the same age. But yes a year and few makes me 28 now, 29 this september and then the big bash.

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