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Friday, July 29, 2005

Both eyebrows? Still there!

So I learned multiple things last night:
- Since I cook with so little salt on a normal basis over salting for me just makes food mildly salty
- Grilling in the dark = Blackened chicken.
- Grilling in the dark = Tingling fingers
- Grilling in the dark = Flare ups that light the night sky up and cause dancing spots in front of your eyes
- Grilling in the dark = Is damn fun!
- Jeremy vs. Screen door = Screen door 0, Jeremy 1.
- My carpet is not edible people so stop trying to season it w/ salt.
- Alcohol + food + “the Crew” = GREAT TIME
- People you like, should always have a place in your heart and home
- Red wine + Sprite in a fancy wine glass = Still Ghetto.
- Becky + alcohol = Funny conversations (“Yes, yes I know I am drunk, no, no wait a minute what did I say…I am NOT drunk [stumble, mumble] where’s my bud light”
- BD Tank + a 40 of Olde English [OE for the educated] = great picture…be assured that, that will make the blog.
- Thinking of installing a hot tub in the living room = BAD idea
- Corn is not bad when baked instead of grilled
- I really don’t want my friends from the ATX talking to my friends from SD and I know it can’t ever be safe to have the Jamaican friends talk to either group…I like my exploits to remain hidden…unless of course I blog them then clearly they have been deemed fit for airplay
- Shrimp + jerk seasoning + whiskey + honey = so damn good it’s a shame I took so long to do it
- Peeling and de-veining shrimp = “no wonder I haven’t done this before”
- Red wine + any fabric = instant stain
- Smoke detector + smoky grill = “Shut that thing off…pull the battery…break it damn it break it”
- Doing another eat up and drink up = GUARANTEED
- Thanks to all those who came out lets do it again.


smallislandgirl said...

ha ha ha ha don't post when you are intoxicated but it sounded like fun.

Dr. D. said...

Posting unda juice...jus a good as cooking unda juice....the lika releases things you may not blog about when sober gwaan... ;-)

Mad Bull said...

But what a man like this? Him never even invite the I?

josh said...

Great time and great food!

Thanks again!!

And you know what the salt was really for right?

aarond said...

Sadly I have my suspicions...

Zandra said...

It was good times!!! Thanks again Aaron for everything I had a blast!!

aarond said...

It was my pleasure...always welcome!

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