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Monday, July 04, 2005

Free steak and Happy 4th of July!

So I came home tonight and started marinating 2 steaks and then after getting all the preparation together remembered that my roomie will be out of town for the 4th. So I am either going to eat 2 steaks by myself tomorrow (which I am perfectly capable of doing and if you have ever had my steaks you would be able to too) or I am going to share one with the first FRIEND that shows up at my crib today. Lets be honest though, if you show up empty handed I am not going to be as inclined to share my steak with you. In case you think I am short changing you on the steak, one is 20ozs and the other weighs in at a modest 16ozs so they are bigger than the normal type you would get in a restaurant. Then after gorging myself I guess its off to the beach to show off the swollen body and the satisfied smile.

You know you have had way too much alcohol when you know its not even safe to consider taking a sleeping pill.

It was definitely a good night


Shotta M said...

As I keep requesting. Can u send some for me by FEDEX?

Maria Elisa said...

Happy Fourth Baby! We're 15 hours ahead of you, so at this moment I'm nursing a slight 4th of July hangover. Gotta go to class! Sound familiar?

aarond said...

Thanks for the 4th wishes! I would never go to a study abroad class after a night of drinking...oh wait...YEAH I WOULD. Wait till you do it for the final

Lyoness said...

we're 9 hours ahead of you here and drinking before your final aint so bad when ur first two are take home!!

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