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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Quick blurbs

Raven Symone: Have you seen her recently? What happened to her? Is this the same girl from the Cosby Show? I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The new coke ad using the old “I’d like to buy the world a coke” isn’t that great, they took a song that was great in its simplicity and tried to spice it up and the new version just sucks.

Andy Milonakis; have you seen his show on MTV? Hard to believe that the ‘kid’ is actually a 27 year old man! The show has some funny moments and a lot of What is he doing? Moments.


Abeni said...

What's up with Raven..she lost her cute looks?

Anonymous said...

I was just saying that to my sister the other day....that she should have stayed at Olivia's size!

Who has grown up nicely is Tatiana Ali who was the little girl on Fresh Prince. She was on stage at BET awards.

aarond said...

Yeah T. Ali has definitely had her milk. She is a bonafide hottie now.

Anonymous said...

That's So Raven is probably the worst show on the Disney channel. It's worse than the Doodle-Bops. If you ever saw the Doodle-Bops, you would realize what a tremendous insult that is.

aarond said...

Hahah I have seen only a glimpse of her show long long ago when I was back home for a visit and could not find where the remote was was so bad that I did actually get up finally and change the station by hand... as to Doodle Bops???? no clue

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