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Friday, July 15, 2005


Wha di rass! So it appears that nature has decided to attack my small island and beat us into submission with hurricane after hurricane. I know it’s just co-incidental but sometimes I have to wonder if the location of Hedonism II on our island is not a sign that we need a cleansing. If you don’t know what Hedonism II is and you are under 80 you should definitely look it up. I’m kidding re the thought that we are being punished cause after all if the good lord wanted to send a sign I think Las Vegas would have to be one of the first places hit, then probably LA (sorry Robin), then probably any school that the Norbrook massive frequent…


Shotta M said...

Once again we'll be getting heavy breeze and lots of rain, but it seems we have been spared from the worst of it.

aarond said...

Hahah main problem with that is you're spared but the peeps who live in St. Thomas and all the coastal peeps arent being spared. The land cant hold anymore water and in some places has already succombed to gravity. But still have to be happy the eye didn't/hasn't passed over us. But 5 major storms and still the 4 peak months of Hurricane season left to go...scary thought. Good Luck!

Dr. D. said...

Yes rude going be one busy rass season as predicted. At least it look like this coming weekend we won't haffi lock up inna de yard a wait on rain and breeze blow.

aarond said...

Yeh the beach dem going haffi packed cause every likkle tourist weh nevah get fi see clear water going rush go see it.

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