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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Damn it girls winter is coming and I need to study COVER UP!

Damn the girls in the LRC are looking fine today. I am beginning to wonder if it’s because I want to do anything but write my paper that makes the young ladies look like such delectable nectar and I a starving honey bee (and yes I am a Zoologist so I know that only female bees go looking for nectar, just deal with the analogy damn it – though it’s kind of cool that the males’ jobs are solely to mate with the queen [except for that whole part about dying rather after mating and those that don’t mate eventually get driven out to perish outside the hive but other than those minor details…great life]) can only stare.

Shout out to Da Sand Assassin, great job in class today, shocked the hell out of us all.


Sand Assassin said...

Great job? I only answered two questions!
And I'll be happy with a few princesses... forget the queen... she's like the village bicycle.

Josh said...

I think there should be a "grab" rule.

If you can see it, you can grab it!

Maria Elisa said...

would the grab rule apply for us women as well? hahahaha

Josh said...

1) If it is out there, it is there for a reason.

2) It is not gonna touch itself.

3) No

Pierre said...

We should really talk to the dean about this "grab" rule. Think about what it will do to our reputation!

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