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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Of cookies, bribes, drinks and designated drivers!

The Cali-J is looking for a designated driver for this week’s Bar Review. The car must have space for 2 . My driver must also be discreet! I am willing to bribe, shall we say multiple drinks as the first bargaining chip? How about I also throw in the fresh chocolate chips that I will be making later today? That I think is fair and should sweeten the pot enough. Yes I know I said I am seeking a DD, and yes I know I said I would bribe the DD with drinks. I do not believe that a DD must avoid alcohol the entire night that is good for the Halloween party since you get to enter for free but not good for me; so all I ask of my DD is that you sober up by the time I need to get home.

Back to part of the bribe I AM BAKING COOKIES. And not that crap u get straight from a freezer and toss in the microwave, I will be in the kitchen messing with flour and mixing chips in. Weh dem seh? Fresh cookies! All are welcome to enjoy some; those who know where my crib is can just roll through after 4 because I have to go to the gym first. Can’t enjoy the guilty pleasure without the hustle.


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Send me some too!!!!

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