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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The school is looking rather festive, because of course the Christmas season is already here. It seems as if every year Xmas comes even earlier and every year I become more and more jaded about it. Here in San Diego Christmas lights for some of my neighbors have been up since the 2nd week of November, way too early. Xmas is now so much more about competition; to get customers; to have the best lights; to have the most decorations; to be the first station to play Xmas carols; to buy presents b4 everyone else; to be the first to forget that it is supposed to be the season that we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I think because I get so mad at what I see, I myself often lose sight of the season because I try to shut out all the crap that seems to come with it. Of course since I am the world’s greatest procrastinator, I now have a massive paper due on a dark topic (Sexual Abuse and repressed memories) and I have to walk through all this cheery stuff to go get it done. Oh well I guess that is what caffeine was created for (and yes I know it’s a naturally occurring substance) by the good people at Diet Cola grand national corporation of the Americas.

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