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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Reason # 238 Why I love Cali

Getting to chill at the club with James Toney. How often do peeps get to do that? And how often do you get to get into a fight in the club and have the Heavyweight champ of the world (IBF) have your back?

CONGRATULATIONS BECKY, RACHEL, MIKE and all the rest on passing the California bar and congrats CINDY on taking out the Texas bar!


mike b. said...

Hey man, hope you had a good time last night. I know I sure was nice and drunk. That place can be pretty tight sometimes....even with all the married chicks.

aarond said...

Man, I think I set a record for hitting on married chicks last night. It was a great time, but wow, I think I met every married woman in the Valley last night, and a couple soon to be married. Remember ladies if you have a fiance you are practically married. What I will say about married chicks though is that they tend to buy you drinks rather than the other way around. By the way Becks has no idea who we met last night...

Cindy said...

Thank you Aaron!!!! whew...should i attempt the cali bar =P

which bar are you taking? come back to Texas yo..

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