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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Everyone makes them so here is mine!

Things I am thankful for
This is by no means an extensive list just the ones I can think of right now

  • I am thankful that I am so stuffed that typing this is a slow process

  • I am thankful that despite being sick to start this week I basically have my health

  • I am thankful that the Fam back home is safe despite the escalating violence (with 40 days left in the year Jamaica has gotten to 1476 murders)

  • I am thankful that I realized that I can just put… and y’all will realize that I mean I am thankful

  • …that Becky’s family took me in this year

  • that football is always on

  • that no matter how broke I might be right now I am still not starving

  • that I discovered Texas before A & M

  • that I didn’t end up going to school on the East Coast

  • that no matter how dumb I might act, my friends still care

  • no matter how dumb they are I love them

  • family means more than just a title

  • I have managed to avoid being shot despite running my mouth off a ton

  • I have managed to enjoy law school

  • The majority of my friends passed the Bar

  • We finally “Beat the hell out of OU”

  • That the tradition  continues Texas v A & M Thanksgiving holiday weekend

  • Alcohol + copious amounts of drugs (prescription) has not yet = death

  • Despite that above mix my friends still care enough to check up on me when I say I am sick

  • that her dad didn’t find out

  • that no one knows who that one is about

  • though I may forget names I do not forget faces

  • I no longer live with my parents

  • They still care enough to try and ground me

  • That I am old enough to realize that I cannot be grounded (though sometimes I forget for a second and panic)

  • Lanelle drove me up so I didn’t have to drive to The Valley

  • Lotion was invented cause damn The Valley is dry: A brother gets ashy in a second up here

  • Those who hate me really can’t affect my life

  • I have not become so cold that peeps hating me does not affect me

  • I have managed to surround myself with good people

  • I care enough about my peeps that I have nicknamed almost everyone

  • Small sampling of names: Sand Assassin; the Devil /Robin; the roomie; of the; Silent Assassin; Becks; Tiff (ok so some aren’t names but contractions but damn it I am lazy); May she R.I.P.; Marky Marc; Semi adopted; Nutty P; Cali-J (yeh I name myself heck the blog is named after me – and I talk to myself); Dat Bitch; Dui, Q; Jo; Ahab

  • My little cousin trusts me enough to confide in me about boys and alcohol

  • I have matured enough to listen and not lecture when she tells me about boys and alcohol (“Damn it chica I tell you boys have cooties especially college age boys”)

  • Motions allows me to write for them

  • Mom

  • Dad

  • Courtney

  • Alicia

  • LOVE Y’all and I am out this piece!

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Shotta M said...

Thankful for your friendship too bredrin.

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