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Friday, September 21, 2007

Always sunny and more college football rules

Hahah just when I thought 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' could not raise the bar any higher (or lower) depending on your views they rejoiced over the death of the Mom and I could not stop laughing...I know, I know it sounds horrible but you have to see it, it was bloody funny, kind of like me trying to see how long I can take this sentence without putting a period on it, kind of like those run ons that the characters on the show enjoy.

Espn has updated their list of rules for college football fans...I like #100, take that you Damn GOLDEN BEARS!
Just a couple...

97. You cannot, under any circumstances, attempt to castrate a fan of a rival school (even if you are a church deacon). (lgrothues)

100. Unless you matriculated and graduated from Stanford, Cal Tech, MIT or an Ivy League school, you may not use your alma mater's scholastic excellence as a valid excuse for crappy football. (That means you, Michigan, Notre Dame and Cal.)


Jamsprint said...

I go to USC
bless up

jamsprint said...

I don't use blogger much anymore, i'm on wordpress now

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