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Sunday, September 09, 2007

"It's Britney Bitch!"

Now I understand why she starts her single off with that line, when you watch just how crappy and sluggish her performance was at the start of the VMAs it makes sense that she has to remind us of who she is, since she appears to be a completely different person from the "barbie doll" that she used to be.

I refuse to call her fat like so many others are, cause I think she just lacks toning, what I will call her is idiotic for donning an outfit like that when the last thing peeps remember of her performing was as a "sexay young thang" with a python and ripped abs.

I absolutely loved the looks on the faces of the audience, Rihanna was laughing her head off, 50c was bewildered and Puffy just looked like he wanted to be any where but on camera at that moment.

Seriously can we stop giving Sarah Silverman hosting gigs...she is just not that funny and does not have the charisma to host a show...let us just send her back to the status of "Jimmy Kimmel's kind of funny girlfriend." Time we remember that just saying something 'shocking' is not automatically funny.

I must say that I love hearing that Tommy Lee and Kid Rock are fighting
over Pam Anderson...not even sure of what joke to drop here since everything flooding through my head is completely inappropriate and involves strippers/whores and dollar bills.

Come on Kanye, another tantrum? It has become as predictable as my calling Paris Hilton promiscuous.

Some props. Mad props to Asafa Powell for lowering the World Record again. A Jamaican holds the record ALONE again and it is now 9.74

Props to the Horns for winning the latest Battle for Texas.

Props to the Cowboys for taking care of that team from NY...the dwarfs.

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