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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sixth Texas Player arrested since June

Wow we might not be number one in the polls, but we are definitely number one in any lineup.

Why can't these guys just do something simple like make a 7th floor crew and embarrass our program that way.

"Whats up with partner, Where he live, Where he stay at
Where the ice, where the bread, where the cake at?
I'm telling you man you don't want it with dem boyz,
Everyone of them got felonies man!
I'm slap me a ni$$a, befoe its over with,
I'm rush me a ni$$a, befoe its over with,
Duct tape me a ni$$a, befoe its over with,
I'm bust me a ni$$a, befoe its over with." --Felonies by Boyz N Da Hood

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