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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Of rental cars and Street scene

So I rented a car for next weekend and because my local (downtown/Airport) rental location did not have a car at a time I wanted I checked their other location just 2 miles away note TWO not 20 miles away. Now I have a car for an extra day because the cost of renting for 2 days from the non-airport location is so much cheaper that having the car for 2 days is still less than I would pay for having the car for one day if I rented from the airport location.

This now makes me wonder how much I have over-paid in the past by renting from airport locations...thieving bastards. I mean the cost disparity is not even CLOSE. The second bonus is; by renting from the NON-airport location they will actually pick me up at my home whereas the airport location requires that I come in to pick my car up...why again would I ever rent from that location again?

Street scene, so many of my San Diego local friends know that I was practically trying to give away my street scene tickets. No one wanted tickets, even at almost 50% off. I read some reviews of this year's show and I can see that the problems I faced were shared by all. Street scene was empty this year. Maybe live nation will take the hint, and not move the damn STREET SCENE into Chula Vista at Coors and not try to get uppity and remove hip hop from the scene.

Look I can understand if you want to limit a genre, but when the lineup was originally released the only hip hop act was MIMS and if you check in the hood many would disagree with his classification as a hip hop artist. Just a thought for the future...mix it up a bit and bring it back downtown to the STREET!

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