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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pre-pre-pre-Birthday celebrations

Much love and props to my boys S. Assassin and 'Of the' Gaizo for taking me out for a great steak dinner and drinks. Props to Dan and his chiquita, for enticing me with a beer and good conversation. Final props to Noli for hooking me up with entry to the club and free drinks. Great start to the celebration that is my birthday weekend.

I always forget that once I shave up and dress up, that I "actually clean up nicely" met a fun chick, BUT like my post of a week or so ago said, I am simplifying my life, so even though I had the opportunity to get her number I told her I was not going to take it. You might ask why, and even if you did not I will tell you. I did not take it because I knew I would never call her, so no sense in getting her number just to assuage my ego.

Ok tomorrow the fun continues, Stingaree, dinner and then DJ AM. spins, thats right he is spinning just for my birthday...ok maybe not, but it works in my head. (I should warn you, if you cannot drink tomorrow might be the wrong crowd for you)

Sunday is sushi...just a heads up for anyone who might be interested.

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Swiffer Sheet V said...

Drink some for me since I am laying low...If you ever come to ATX again, I will buy you a belated b-day drink as long as it is dollar drink night....

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