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Thursday, September 06, 2007

What the blankity blank is wrong with the NFL and NBC

Are you kidding me? Opening game of the bloodclaut new NFL season and you start of with Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill (damn she is fine) and John (I used to be a cougar) Mellencamp as your opening entertainment acts? Who are you programming for? The 2% of the south that does not know real country so it accepts Faith Hill as country? None of the "Real" men I know are excited to see any of the above 3 perform, in fact to be honest most times I do not even care about the musical acts, but if we must have them couldn't we have something a little more relevant to those of us who like sports?

I am not even going to suggest musical acts that I would actually like to see cause there are so many, but I wonder who got rejected to have the list end at these three.

Did Britney Spears pick MTV over this because she didn't want anyone to realize that the most violent thing happening on the field would not be defensive players crashing into Qbs but rather her trying to harmonize?

Seriously where on earth did they dig up Mellencamp from? I figured he was too busy doing Chevy ads to be relevant on the musical landscape anymore.

Ok venting over, time to enjoy some football.

Go COWBOYS, GO HORNS and GO VINCE YOUNG...let the world know that at least one running black Qb is not crazy enough to bet on dog fighting, or have to run from the cops!


Texas for life!

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Maria Elisa said...

Faith Hill is the only "country music" artist with real talent. That is probably why she does not sound so much like country music.

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