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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Simplifying my life before my birthday.

Deleting phone numbers, cutting down acquaintances (keeping only friends), throwing away anything in my home that is superfluous and getting rid of emotions in friendships. One week and a day to my Birthday, most peeps make their resolutions on New Year's eve, I do it for each year of my life. Each year on this earth I have to make myself a better person and things around me better.

If I do not answer your call next weekend do not be offended, I am probably laying low NOT PARTYING, I have no plans for the weekend and I think I like it that way.



Meatball said...

hey man sorry about the bbq yesterday. i ended up having to sort some shit out. i will tell you about it next time we chill. i will definitely grill this weekend as my aussie homey will be in town. i promise to drive out and get you too. douchey bag.

Abeni said...

I trust you can keep those resolutions

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