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Monday, November 26, 2007

Apple Pies and conveniences

I made 2 apple pies last week for thanksgiving weekend. For the first time ever I used a kitchen stand peeler/slicer/corer and I must was awesome. I peeled, sliced and cored a dozen apples so quickly I did it during a commercial break of 'Dirty Sexy Money' (I just love that shows title). Now I am thinking I have to get the damn thing. That is always the problem with trying out anything cool that others have. I am used to sitting in front of a TV and painstakingly peeling apple upon apple and then hand coring them and THEN slicing them to a thin level.

Question is, do I want to purchase another kitchen item that will only be used once in a blue moon?

I loved the crust of the pies I made last week, I am actually not the biggest pie fan, but I am the biggest fan of pie-crusts. So much to the point that when I finished Robin's slice I ate the crust and ignored the filling. Tried out an egg-wash for the first time, it gives great color and allows a nice sheen to the pie topper.

Always my friends - Go with home-made crusts v store bought for gift always brings the joy!


Abeni said...

Am so make pies..I need to move

Lyoness said...

you and your pies...

some things never change.

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