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Monday, November 12, 2007

"She's a keeper, just keep her somewhere else"

That is what Robin dropped in regards to Ted's new girlfriend and I fell out of my chair laughing.

"Do raisins have a brain?" So starts the Smart Start creepy cereal ad! What makes them think that I want to think about raisins having a brain when eating my morning meal? It does not help that raisins already kind of look like brains.

This OJ Vegas thing is already turning out more entertaining than I expected!

The Visa is faster than cash ads only make sense when ordering fast food - No offense but many of those workers seem to go brain dead when dispensing change. Otherwise the ads are visually appealing intellectually silly.

I should never ever, call you.

I Love NY has opened my eyes up to what a bunch of 'thugs' will do to get a 'lady'.

I love the Xmas period because it brings back Egg nogg ice cream; only one problem - This should not count as the Xmas period, it is not even bloody Turkey day yet.

Hahah I just saw a clip of competitive bar-tending, yes it is as bad as it sounds!

"War-lord trash-a-gold
" Do not believe me? Ask him! Great you-tubes for my American friends who I am constantly trying to teach patois.

Jane Seymour is still
getting it done!

I have decided that 8 o'clock is the cut off time for young kids to watch TV, after that the material becomes decidedly adult, and that counts for the comedies and dramas.

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Swiffer Sheet V said...

HIMYM was hilarious. Keeps getting better and better. Sounds "like screws in a pencial sharpner".

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