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Saturday, November 17, 2007

One year ago...

My boys and I consumed insane amounts of alcohol because bar results came out and we had passed. Tonight, we consumed insane amounts of alcohol because we were happy that it was a full year from one of the worst days of our lives and we were toasting those of our friends that had passed.

Until you live it, you will never understand the fear that comes with waiting for the bar. I have seen dead bodies, I have had a root canal, I have had the last rites given to me, I have been dumped and yet I still cannot think of a worse day than the day I had to wait for the bar.

Tonight was off the chain, I cannot say why, because it is still at that delicate stage of "Damn son your girl is crazy" but it was good.

Good to see the Persian mafia together again, even if one of them rolled out like a preppy kid from one of those horrible 80s movies. And that includes 16 candles, Top gun and Can't buy me love...they all sucked. But it does not include Princess Bride and The Breakfast Club, but it does also include 80s music. Yes I said it...The 80s are the most over-rated period of music EVER!

Time to set a dinner menu.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO PASSED THE BAR! Bad luck to my friends who were not that fortunate, these things happen and you will be able to move on, even if right now seems unbelievably painful.

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Anonymous said...

man i missed the evening but damn I just woke up i was passed out from maybe midnight til 6 am and puked too and i'm still faded ... but yea it was a long long day now it's better.

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