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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hot girls always make me wary!

So tonight I was hanging out with 2 rather hot young women on the harbor cruise. There is a slight problem with hanging with hot women; not the fact that they know they are hot; not the fact that they can be cocky (these girls were funny not cocky); not even the fact that you sometimes wonder if they are just spending the time looking at their own reflections; nope the major problem is that every moron in the damn spot wants to step to you and your companions.

It was definitely a confusing night though, combine the fact that the girl to guy ratio was the best I have ever seen in San Diego and probably in the top 3 of girl-guy ratios I have ever seen with the fact that 80% of the peeps were drunk or toked out of their minds and you get a night filled with peeps making out on the dance floor and peeps trying to finger bang (and if u do not know what the last one is - then I applaud you for your innocence). I almost felt like I was in college again :) !

It is also always cool/fun to roll with your boy who is a promoter, it leads to a VIP experience and allows you to roll in anywhere. Combine it with the cockiness of wearing a shirt that has pink, orange and purple in it, and a blazer and forgive me if I SWAGGER a bit when sauntering into a bar!

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Stunner said...

I need to link you when I am going on the party scene! Hot chicks and VIP passes, drunken females, party heaven!

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