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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Phenomenal HIMYM tonight...

One of those episodes that while watching it you know you are going to have to view it a second time just to get all they joy out of it. How on earth did I live before DVR? Badly, that is the answer BADLY!

I weep for America, you might ask: Why? And you ask that because you know I will tell you. I weep because Nickelback has an album on the billboard charts that is now over SIX TIMES PLATINUM. Let that seep in, I am telling you that SIX MILLION copies of a Nickelback album have been sold.

So after that shocking discovery I had to check and see who else has topped 6 million and saw Avril Lavigne, Limp Bizkit, Britney Spears, 50 cent and others(just check the link). We are DOOMED AS A COUNTRY. On the plus side, if I release an album I just have to make sure that my lyrics are repetitive, inane and carry a catchy hook. I am thinking Grammy baby!


Swiffer Sheet V said...

I don't consider Nickleback to be music. I don't even listen to the radio.

Meatball said...

1. you are correct. America's poor taste in music is probably why the world hates us and tries to blow us up.
2. Nickelback may be one of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse.
3. Our country? when did you become a citizen?

aarond said...

Meaty you bastard I know you watch football so I will respond with John 'Formerly a cougar' Mellencamp:

"I can stand beside
Things I think are right
And I can stand beside
The idea of stand and fight
And I do believe
There’s a dream for everyone
This is our country
From the east coast
To the west coast
Down the Dixie Highway
Back home
This is ouuuuuuuuuuuuur country"

And damn it, I pay taxes

Meatball said...

yeah but can you vote?

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