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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Younguns, Scaring old ladies, and cranky weight loss.

Oh Emma Watson...April 15th next year cannot come soon enough. If you know what I mean by that then welcome aboard the "I am somewhat ashamed of myself cruise"

"I'ma kill you all, like o.j. Diss maganoo, for real you must pay"

So those lyrics jumped to my mind tonight while in the gym when this old lady gave me a horrified look, at first I was a bit confused then when I went to the restroom to wash my face I burst out laughing. I quite possibly looked like I was in their (stereotype) to rob the place: Braided hair all over the place, a beard that has not been shaved in almost a week so it still has the faint outline of the shaved in "gangsta lines" while carrying the unkempt look of the desperate and down on luck topped off with a raggedy t-shirt. All that was left for me to do to complete the experience would have been to ask her if I could 'walk her home'.

Just a warning to those that have to come in contact with me for the next week...I might be rather irritable. I need to shed about 10lbs in a week: So I bought pounds and pounds of fruit and veggies and will be cutting out refined sugar...yes I know I could have done this naturally and safely over a longer period of time, but what would have been the fun in that? My bro and I had a weight loss bet and he is ahead of my pace by 5lbs, granted in many ways the bet is unfair since I was sidelined for almost 3 weeks with an injury BUT "losers make excuses winners make it happen" so now I have to play catch up...


swiffer sheet V said...

R u going the gym in Hillcrest where you stick out like a sore thumb?

Jdid said...

good luck with th weight loss

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