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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Of living in a foreign country when your parents still live home set in strongest when potential disasters threaten your homeland.

I have been tracking hurricane Dean and hoping for the best. I know that the island is planning on scaling back electrical service to conserve and preserve access, which is all well and good but it also cuts access to various lifelines like my ability to email friends, check on IM and use VOIP phone access.

Spoke to the folks, they are hoping for the best, prepared for the worst.

Annoys me the tourists that are complaining that Jamaicans do not appear more panicked and are "not doing more to get them out of the country": 'Sorry sah that mi nah spend more time acting scared to make you feel better and not spending more time to get you away from your mere vacation spot instead of making sure that my family and loved ones are safe.'

To those bitches that are complaining that Jamaicans should spend more time taking care of them in a serious moment like this, I would spit on you but Karma says you will already be soaked enough. Instead I hope you learn some humility, respect and concern for others, eh screw it "I SPIT ON YOU and your family."

To my friends, bless all of you who have checked up on me, I thank you greatly for your concern.

Mom, Dad, I love you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron,

Thank you for coming out to the party. If you've received 8 trillion emails from me, sorry. Evite is trippin. I did not send out that many emails; only 1.

As for the fam, they are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.



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