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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random musings and some explicit lyrics

I really like that my school's colors and apparel are so popular that at almost any big event I will catch a glimpse of someone wearing the Good ole Burnt Orange. Even sometimes at events that call for 'dressing up' I will see the Longhorn gear, thanks to UT not being afraid to brand anything. Currently at the Co-op you can purchase a full suit in burnt orange, I am a bit ashamed to admit it BUT, I considered it.

I would have definitely have gotten the Burnt Orange Chuck Taylors if they had, had them in my size.

Have they already printed Tiger's name on the trophy? Unless he breaks his leg walking the course he is a guarantee. Heck even with a broken leg he might still win it.

I promised them so here they come...explicit lyrics
"First off, fuck your bitch
And the clique you claim
West side when we ride
Come equipped with game"
--Hit 'em up by Tupac (Yup that is just how I feel about you right now: WESTSIDE, no love for those on the East Coast right now, check with me in 2 hours.)

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swiffer sheet V said...

A burnt orange suit is going way to far. Based on prinicple and my hate of the color orange, I have never bought any UT apparel with any orange it. Thank god are graduation gowns were black.

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