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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Never go DRINK FOR DRINK with the Cali-J

Hahahah Andele aka EI aka Erik the Innocent, I love that the report I got from your temp crib had you passed out before we even hit the final bar of the night. I ended up hitting the wine bar and pouring more booze down the throat. I have serious concerns about your ability to hang when I hit Oakland 2 weeks from now...that is if I do not get shot while there.

In Andele's defense, we did start drinking at 1 in the bloody afternoon, and at no time were we without a glass of booze in our hands.

WE SAW HISTORY TONIGHT>>>>>thanks to Barry Bonds, will post more when I am not so tired.

Bless you Barry!


swiffer sheet V said...

Thanks for all the text pics of random girls. Thanks for rubbing it in my face how you were out drinking and I was stuck at work and the library.

Stunner said...

Man you certainly drinking like there is no tomorrow! Just a pass through and a give a small hail! Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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