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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A high school moment, and a mini rant re a fake commercial.

So everytime I see the ad for Dyson vacuums I have to chuckle and shake my head in disbelief. In the ad, the inventor wants us to believe that they are HAPPY when they have failures in the lab. Now this might cut it in highschool science labs but their is no way someone based in a commercial enterprise is happy about failures that do not yield to economic gain.

In highschool chemistry my friend and I used to sneak into the lab and mix chemicals that we had worked out formulas for in private. We were usually pretty good at actually getting the chemical formulas right. Which is strange cause it never translated into better grades. Part of the problem I guess is that we just wanted to freelance. Anyway, we once had a spectacular failure. We snuck in, and someone had messed up and left the door to the volatile chemicals (like concentrated HNO3, pure sodium and potassium (spectacular boom when dropped in water)) open and of course we had to tamper. Thing is, we did not have much time to work out the formulas like we normally did so we just went on faith and limited knowledge. Well we caused a mini explosion and had to force open a window and drop the whole mess on to the football field outside (which really was only used as the BBQ field) BUT THAT was a failure that one could be happy about...but then that was just Campion's equipment and a few chemicals, not an actual attempt to market a damn product.

So Dyson, I say Fie on ye and your fake lines.

(I really should expand on my old crazy High school lab days, no one knew the foolishness that I got into with the chemicals. Basically the rules of "2 can keep a secret if one of them is dead" Some day I will blog them out)

Anyway here is a vid to show you why high school kids should NEVER be allowed near Potassium and the like unsupervised

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