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Friday, March 14, 2008

"I took an AIDS should you! " and some links

Now of course calling exes and stating such a line is not the best way to start your conversations. But, I firmly believe that all responsible people in my age bracket should take regular AIDS tests.

You all know that the SCV is at low risk for catching the High Five aka the Die Slow, but I still feel the need/urge to get tested regularly. Since I give blood fairly regularly I am not usually concerned about taking independent AIDS tests but, since I was barred for a WHOLE YEAR (thanks to the Malaria scare in Jamaica), this is the longest I have ever gone without a blood test (well at least not one forced by a family court...sorry mom for that joke, I apologize, I could not resist.)

Anyway to shorten the story, cause I could really go on and on...If you are afraid of taking the tests that force you to wait 2 weeks for results (like planned parenthood, I swear a friend told me about that one), San Diego offers a free one at its Family clinics and you get results in 20 minutes. Let me repeat...IT IS FREE AND TAKES ONLY TWENTY MINUTES.

Please friends, go get checked...and to my exes etc, I am clear...not that you had to worry about the SCV.

Ok some light hearted fare after that;

A woman had to be surgically removed from a toilet seat, I swear you cannot make these things up.

Dawn Wells, aka Mary Ann, got caught with Mary Jane, that is right, the innocent one from Gilligan's Island who is 69 got busted with ganja! I cannot help but laugh.

And of course I have to link re Eliot Spitzer
, I will blog more on the hypocrite at a later date but suffice it to say for now...WHAT A MAROON! I chose a Texas paper to link to on purpose.


Crankyputz said...

Agree about the Aids test, heard that you can contract the disease but the test could show positive up to five years later....freaky

Abeni said...

It's a scary test even when youare fairly sure that you are clean

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