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Thursday, March 06, 2008

"That's Amore"

Welcome to the end of our society! I mean 70% of all TV is crap, 90% of all 'reality' programming is crap, but wow this new show on MTV with Domenico as the star has got to be one of the biggest steaming piles of crap paraded on TV.

I tried to avoid it, I wanted to avoid it, but I blame Erin, she made me watch it, dare I say tricked me into watching it. As Flav would say, 'she got real, psychologically with me'. She brought up what at the time seemed like a valid point "if we watched 'Shot of love' how bad can this be?" My answer at the time was "if the original was crap, and this is a copy of the original then it is probably going to be even worse" I stand by my initial assessment.

Sadly, I think I am still going to watch it.

Brief synopsis of the excrement that flowed through my DVR; one of the challenges had the 'ladies' jumping into a pool of spaghetti and meat balls and then trying to take as many balls in the mouth as they could manage without using their hands and then taking the balls from the pool to a bowl so that they could be added to the team total. Re read that paragraph (it was probably badly written - in a rush here) but yup you read that right, they had women trying to fit 'balls in their mouths' as part of a one saw anything wrong with that? I am slow to find objectification because too often I think it is just paternalistic, but wow, even I stood back and said, "damn this is bad." But of course the ladies dived right in and started bobbing like they were auditioning for the next Jenna Jameson flick. Heck 2 even started fighting in the pool - I could not resist a chuckle, after all they were fighting to put balls in their mouths...

Erin, I am mad at you for making me watch this, and disappointed at both you and Vera for not somehow making it on this show!


swiffer sheet V said...

I am not sure what qualifies me for being on show like that. I have done some questionable things but I am still fucking classy damn it.

Anonymous said...

Um, you shouldn't use people's real names when you're incriminating them of watching this garbage. haha!

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