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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stealing from a church is disgusting and other links

I firmly believe that all theft is wrong, but stealing from a church has got to put you in the gutter level. Well how apropos that this moron was stealing a Church's gutter while Easter Service was going on!

No seriously, no one saw Pam Anderson getting one!

Bad decade to have the last name Peterson

I still remain in shock that women actively fight to date Flavor Flav, I cannot even bother to recap this week's episode properly. Short form: girl acts whorish, Flav chuckles, flashes gold teeth, ridiculous competition devised, 2 hottest chicks (relative term) win, go on dates, Make out-makeout-make out (gag). Elimination, ugly girl with bad breath booted, new girls brought into the house, realization that TOO MANY CRAZY WOMEN apparently exist in this world.

Sorry this is not a slight against women, cause men do it too, I saw I love NY and Tila Tequila, I am just not trying to date men.

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