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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Awkward moment in the club...vol 2.342

This moment goes to my boy's comment: "Oh damn, is that pregnant chick having a drink?" To which her friend who over heard him snapped, "She is just bloated." In fairness to my boy, he was blitzed out of his mind and it was unfair to expect him to make rational statements I actually thought he was going to have a drink in the face moment. And...I think most peeps were confused too, they just had the sense to keep their mouths shut.

Great meeting another member of the commonwealth in the bar, this great brit fellow and I had a great time ragging on some of the dancing and actions we were seeing in the club. In his words (and you have to sometimes just love the harshness of brits), "If that girl dances any jerkier we will have to hold her tongue and call for a doctor because she is clearly having an epileptic seizure, she should never be allowed near a dance floor ever again. In fact, allowing her to walk unassisted is probably a crime by itself, but allowing her to dance in public is an affront to evolution." (Ok so maybe the last sentence was mine, but I feel better pretending it was his).

Of course after a few more drinks and the passage of time, he confessed "she is really quite pretty, I just wish she would not dance." It is always weird being around British persons and realizing just how much their mannerisms, speech, and education are so much a part of the Caribbean. He and I spoke as if we went to the same schools, and had the same teachers. Granted I without fear claim that I went to the best of the best schools while in the island, or as all 3 schools (I refuse to count my brief sojurns at UWI or THE Priory) described themselves, I went to the creme de la creme of Nursery schools, Preparatory schools and high schools (after all Campion is a college while other competitors are merely secondary institutions). Kiddies to Mona to can one go wrong in life?

(Sorry typing this on a MacBook, no idea how to add accents to Creme --just know that I am educated enough to know that it requires accents). (Man I am so jealous of my Bro's computer, the fact that I can barely understand it...makes me even more jealous, oh you green eyed monster)

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