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Monday, March 10, 2008

'That's Amore' recap via IM's with Erin

"I learned in America that Blondes and Brunettes, do not like each other" --Domenico

So I was Imming back and forth with my friend while watching this drivel so I will just use my comments to her as the blog...enjoy a little glimpse into my convos.

What scares me is that so many of these girls are college age and the majority are listed as does that mean they go to college...?

"I am a natural blonde, and the carpet matches the curtains (if I had any)" -- I am sure your parents are proud of your honesty.

So they are now doing a pizza challenge, they have to wear a hat and make a pizza on top of their heads while balancing the pie and then riding a bicycle to some delivery point...I am not sure I am ever going to order pizza again.

I KNEW this would happen, one of the girls while using the cheese grater, basically shredded her mean no one in production realized that handing a bunch of chicks dumb enough to show up on a show like this, a utensil that can hurt them will GUARANTEE someone getting hurt. That is like going hunting with Cheney and being shocked if you take a few hits! "Oh Mr Vice President you shot me. How could this happen?"

Easily impressed girl: "Everything was leopard and black and it was really romantic" Really? That is really romantic...this girl must be a hit around pimps and 70s flashback junkies

"She showed me the bum, and what is weird is that I remember the bum more than the face"-- Wow, just wow, I would love to be in the room with this girl when she watches this again.

I am watching these girls prep hair using a can of hair spray and it feels like their fingers have not come off it for about 2 minutes...there is no way that the ozone can survive girls like this.

Of course lies are now being told, some girls attacked another girl with water balloons, then went around and told others that the attacked girl was the one trashing the place

(e-lite(PM): call me crazy, but i want my hair to feel soft to the touch should a guy decide to touch it
Calij (PM): hahah yeah, I have touched some girls hair in the bar and worried that I cut myself)- - - This was not exactly about the show but I thought it was pertinent.

Uh, so now they have been painted as statues and have to stand on pedestals and pose as human statues while balancing on one leg. The clock shows these girls lasting to the 40 minute mark (and one girl just passed out after getting off the pedestal). Is it objectifying women, if they voluntarily place themselves in stupid positions?

So now an ambulance has arrived, to take away the girl that passed out, so that is 24 hours and 2 ambulances, this is an awesome streak

Wow the girls lasted 50 minutes 17 seconds on one leg...that is amazing, I am not sure I can stand on 2 legs for 50 minutes in one spot.

"What's good about Christina is that she will probably wipe your butt, when you are old and cant move and you are crippled"-- Ashley 'The poet'

I talk ALOT (hell, I need a blog just to let some of it out) but damn, if you are on a reality show, on a date with the 'star' shouldn't you at some point think to yourself, "wow, he has not said a word to me, maybe I am talking too much and should let him get a chance to speak...?"

And let me end it with the words of the crazy blonde when she witnessed one of the girls being let go "Ciao bella, in American means 'Get the fu@k out'"

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