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Friday, February 10, 2006

Are the Grammy’s even relevant any more?

MC or you might know her as Mariah Carey won 3 Grammys last night…normally a good haul for anyone but a crappy night for her when you think about the fact that Kelly Clarkson won TWO and by winning those two she beat MC in each category. Come on now Kelly Clarkson over Mariah? U2 winning album of the year? It was a decent album, but nothing great
I do not watch the Grammys in fact for much of last night I didn’t even know/care that it was on. I just tend to check the stats afterwards since and other sites splash it all over their front pages, but damn I look at some of the winners and just have to stare in shock.

     I believe that there is a disconnect between the regular fan and the academy that votes for winners. Now I do not believe that just because your album was a huge seller it makes you automatically a good album, in fact I was disappointed to see Gwen Steffani even in the running for album of the year. But some of the bands that are pulling down wins are just ridiculous. It also sometimes seems like a band is honored just for making it through another year and thus given a grammy

Hahaha Kanye West is so damn cocky, you just gotta be amused!



Z said...

wooohooo!!!! The princess of the ATX welcomes you. Let me know when.

Angry Dog said...

The Grammy's actually gone already nuh? I completely forgot.

Maria Elisa said...

Kelly Clarkson deserved those grammys. It is a pretty good album. Mariah Carey is highly overrated. I thought you had better taste in music.

aarond said...

Shove your bashing of my musical taste up your stuck up rear. Kelly Clarkson instantly gets ridiculed (rightly or wrongly) because of her status as an American Idol winner, MC also gets ridiculed because for the last 4-5 years she has been crazy and put out sub par music...this latest album was great, MUCH better than Kelly Clarkson (sadly I have heard both albums) in a head to head competition between MC and KC: MC's current album blows her out of the water, whether MC is over-rated or not. I also feel that women tend to dislike MC and just automatically want to label her as over-rated. I do not dislike KC, I just think her album was not as good!

Maria Elisa said...

I deserved that. However, I still think you are wrong.

Why would women be jaded against MC? I don't get it. And as I said to you on the phone, MC has an amazing voice, but she simply is not an artist. She couldn't interpret music to save her life. She sounds great, but her singing style is all about showing off and making love to herself. I am of the opinion that a singer should be a vessel (did I spell that right?), a conduit for the music. MC is too self-centered a performer to do that.

KC on the other hand is turning out to be far more of an emotional singer. She may not be as vocally talented as MC (although that is debatable), but she isn't as self absorbed, which I believe makes her the better artist.

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