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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Please Mr. Cheney do not point that at me...

Ok so I have held off on making fun of the whole Cheney is a “psychopathic killer” with a gun; I refrained from saying “He is surgical with that shit”; an assassin; “wrong wigger to mess with” etc but the Sand Assassin sent me the shot chart with what Cheney did to that dude and I gotta say: DAMN the VP is a “STONE COLD KILLAH” Could he have pumped his homey with more birdshot? Possibly, if he had stood over him and unloaded another round other than that nope: Click on the links above to see how much Cheney unloaded on his hunting “partner”
Since he didn’t have the relevant stamp: Does this mean that he was hunting illegally? And if the guy dies as a result of this illegal hunting – what then?

1 comment:

Dr. D. said...

Somehow, I think if it was Bushy holding the weapon him bredrin woulda dead!

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