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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

One day to Cali-J arriving in Texas!

So the Cali-J is returning to the ATX 2morrow where he used to be plain old “Diggity Dogg” aka “The Jamaican” (back in the day I had more aliases than dollars in the bank). Sadly however I have not done any packing, in fact I have not even done my laundry yet. I LOVE flying (love turbulence – makes you feel so alive once you come through them [which is y it’s a bit weird that I hate roller coasters]) I just hate the crap that goes on around the trip – sadly rather than do some parts of laundry I have purchased new clothing – all new undershirts, underwear (boxer briefs for the ones who must know) new socks; black (dress) and white (athletic); in fact because I do not want to search for my (skinny) belt I will just purchase a new one tomorrow. Even my handkerchiefs are new, though mysteriously I have already lost the damn package.

I may just purchase all new dress shirts 2morrow rather than laundering the ones that I possess. Bloody trip is costing me more than just the cost of a ticket…I just hate packing, in fact I am willing to pay someone to do my packing for me: I miss the good old days of just throwing all sorts of random crap in a suitcase because I knew my mom would wash it for me on arrival in the isle – now that I am a grown man I refuse to travel with dirty clothes.

So I was asked if I am excited about the trip – I am sure I will be eventually but right now there is a combination of laziness (packing) apprehension that the princess of the ATX might beat me in pool (can I live after that) and wondering if I should travel with my green card.

Seriously if I lose to Z in pool I might not return to SD, so if I have to drop out of law school this is all on your head Z…you hear me PRESS THIS ON YOUR CONSCIENCE!


Lyoness said...

thanks for mentioning ME in ur schpeel about the texas trip....uhhuh

Z said...

Don't blame me for your lack of skills. I played pool last night and I was kicking ass!!! won 5 games straight in a row. Like I said...Bring it.

Scratchie said...

sounds like somebody in for a trashing

aarond said...

Z is going down faster than a sorority girl on Natty Lite

Dr. D. said...

Like to travel myself...but hate packing and unpacking also.

BTW, I love boxer briefs miself...

Hope you got into the garage.

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