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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

They see me rolling…

So a friend of mine (G-dub) has called me a masochist for what I am doing right now (which is hanging out with my ex) and sadly I may have to agree with her. What would make me think that the woman, who hated me so much that she took a $300 loss on a ticket rather than come see me, would be happy to see me now?

I must have been drinking when I thought that it would be a good plan to kick it in a 1 bedroom appt with someone who actually cares enough that they will wake up in the morning for class, and hence has no time to entertain the likes of slackers like myself.

I seriously contemplated getting A. A rental car and high-tailing it back to the ATX or B. Getting a hotel room either in SA or the ATX. However, I couldn’t do it because I respect her way too much…I just wish I felt like I was respected the same. By the way do not get it twisted, just because we are in a 1 bedroom appt does not mean that we are sharing a bed, I sadly know so little about her life that I do not even know if some other dude has a claim to that spot and sharing a bed is not the type of relationship that we have.

Just like old times huh…never fear pervs who are waiting: I will be getting a tonne of pics later 2nite at Fat Tuesday, debating whether I will post them or just email them to y’all!


Angry Dog said...

"Glutton for punishment". Don't worry rude bwoy, been there, done that. BTW, u used to go to Mona Prep by chance?

aarond said...

Yeh man used to rock the blue and white...ironically my college now wears blue and white (full circle)

Lyoness said...

wow ya make it sound like it was AWFUL

aarond said...

It was actually great...posting under the influence of allegra I notice makes for moodier posts!

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