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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sleeping near is much diff from sleeping in

Cot damn…I can’t sleep and now I want a bloody rental car…could the vibe be worse? I guess if it was like my last trip to Texas. I know what I did wrong in the past; question is what have I done wrong in the present?

Or maybe it’s just the copious amounts of allergy medication mixed in with Alcohol making me depressed. (In the last 3 days I have tried 4 different brands of Allergy medication) Thing is I forgot that I had been taken off allegra for having what appeared to be mood swings while on it (didn’t know allergy meds could do that – but heck I am a bit weird so who knows). When peeps will not let me have a bed, the rum has always been there for me, that plus the ice cream and I think I can manage the world.

Do not judge me – we all have our demons I am just open about mine…3 main vices and sadly I am with all 3 right now!

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