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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Charlie the wise" now speaks to the nation

So I have a class that is amazing and by amazing I truly mean – the world is not ready for this but I am too lazy to use my own words so I have decided (with permission to directly quote a classmate of mine

“I hate my prof. This lady is so over educated that i think I have more work expirience than she does. I really want to pull out my hair, dunk myself in hot tar, take a sianide pill, take a roofy, take a walk off a cliff. I mean I am a very happy person and godammit this shit is so bad I want to  end it now and pray for a god that will understand, he/she will be like "yes I fucked up so bad when I created my (employment law prof) that not only is your suicide justified, but i commend you for it" because this lady is that fucking brutal. I have been around down sydrome kids with bettter presence and more refined public speaking skills and that is not a joke, seriously I have, this lady sucks.”

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Anonymous said...

whatever, dude...
she is HOT for a law prof

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