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Thursday, February 02, 2006

How hard is it to run a network?

This is utter BS – My solitaire game has improved to the point that I think I can predict cards coming out of the dealer deck. Thanks to the schools inability to provide a wireless network that works I am forced to play spider solitaire while my classmates try to answer questions in class with the ever present “It seems to me…”

Supposedly there is an email saying that the failed network is due to too many students using P2P networks, which seems rather suspect since the network fails based on what bloody room I am in. I would like to check the email but I can’t since I can’t get online dang it. Sadly the only P2P I ever see now is my wireless connection to the students PC infront of me.

Sitting in a class when you have already taken and passed the bloody exam that the class is geared towards makes it bloody hard to follow along in the class…especially when peeps are showing off with the words…”The firm I worked for did this that and the resulting ass wipe”


Dr. D. said...

OK, comment box a work again. Earlier this week was getting some BS message from Blogger that your URL could not be found when trying to comment! Rass!

Whappen to you bredrin Shotta M rude bwoy? Are we to plan a blogger's funeral?

Scratchie said...

Finally..haven't been able to get to this site in a while. Just hailin yuh up still.

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