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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Free flow from my brain in class

Sitting in class with a beer, and of course now I need to go break the seal and go like a racehorse. Damn these long rows. A portion of my IM convo conducted in class
aaron (5:59:41 PM): I am drinking beer eating cookies and playing dominoes

Sadly that is a basic layout of my class experience today. Oh man I wish that chic 3 persons down did not have her legs sprawled I need to cut out and make it to the restroom…oh man gotta run, whew made it to the rest room. Now tried to sneak a beer back in, chickened out half way – chugged half of it, left the other half in the corner of the room – should be safe. Damn I am getting my ass kicked in bones. Why didn’t those assholes move their feet when I was trying to walk out, not sorry I stepped on his foot, no innocent victims in this game

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Anonymous said...

Ha-You need to pay more attention in CP. BTW-you said you never saw a school with an all white dance team besides USD. Take a trip to Providence one day and you will.


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