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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What's that smell?

So here is what is called Irony. I am sitting in class starving, right after the BLSA soul food fair that I cooked at. ‘Why?’ you might ask. Well I didn’t keep track of the time so I never got a chance to eat; the event was a success (thanks to all that came out and supported – I hope the chicken was good); and finally the main reason is – Despite the fact that I brought a spare shirt and have changed into it and washed my arms all the way up to the biceps and washed my face and head: I STILL BLOODY SMELL LIKE A BBQ and the best type of BBQ, jerk chicken at that! The young ladies sitting in front of me said that I am making them hungry. So a quick apology to anyone who will be in my classes with me until I get a chance to go home and get a quick shower and a 3rd change of clothes this smell will have to linger.
--I feel like Pig Pen from Peanuts!

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Tiffanie said...

Hush darling but Pig Pen wasn't reall that bad plus food isn't the worst thing to smell like.

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