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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Life sucks...but then you have to suck it up!

If you truly know me, you know that I do not cry…yet for the first time in years I nearly broke down. I do not suffer from depression…but I thought about crawling into a hole and hiding. It is just amazing when things just seem to all crash down on you at once. I almost feel like taking another week of and this time not to go to Texas just to stay home, just to chill: no work, no school and definitely no interaction with anyone. I almost bought a last minute ticket to Jamaica…then realized that my parents might quite honestly not let me in the home!

But you know what (warning cliché time) where there’s life there’s hope; As long as I am alive I will thrive; and finally God will see me through anything. Thus I have shrugged of the doldrums and will hold my head high!

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Dr. D. said...

Hang in there rude dude. I hope the effries will sort itself out soon.

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