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Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring break to do list

  • Introduce the world of my readers to Papoose (NY based rapper – he will be blowing up this year…I have his single “Flashback” if you want to hear it and you can also see him on the Busta Rhymes remix to “Touch it”), though Saigon might be a better rapper!

  • Try to figure out why people dig that bloody over-rated Matisuyah (just being a Hasidic jew does not make you good it just makes you different damn it!)

  • Wonder how comes it took Arctic Monkeys so long to make it onto a Tv performance

  • Purge Ms. 70-s number from the cellie

  • Drink in moderation before noon

  • Improve my article

  • Remind myself NEVER to initiate a convo with her

  • EVER

  • Clean my room

  • Pretend to clean my room

  • Really, really, really consider cleaning my room

  • Hire a maid service to clean my room

  • Give material to Goodwill – I have too much not to give to others

  • Convince the assassin and the rest of the ‘KKK’ that we must go to Vegas to end SB

  • Pull only the money I intend to spend from my bank account


  • Pay rent b4 I leave just in case

  • Buy a blender – time to get healthy

  • Place it in cupboard and never look it again after the first week

  • Sleep with…reckless abandon, and the aid of Ambien

  • Research how long after ingestion of alcohol I can use Ambien

  • visite a doctor mientras que en México

  • mejore mi español mientras que en México

  • Turn lappy into Toshiba for a through cleaning and upgrade!

  • Try and remember that at some point I am a student entering the legal profession

  • Re-watch Flavor of Love; did that really happen?

  • Watch Texas beat Cal in the second round of the tourney – Yes Cal Fans I really hope you win your first round game!



sa said...

do i even want to know what happened when you called ms. 70?

sa said...

oh, by the way, you're a dick...

Lyoness said...

who are u avoiding conversation with now?

aarond said...

NOt avoiding with anyone - making a conscious effort not to start to Ms. 70 No I did not call her and as soon as I remember her REAL name, she will be erased!

Maria Elisa said...

What makes him different to me is that he writes about God and unabashedly testifies to his faith. I find it a bit refreshing. (and he's really good live). :)

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