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Saturday, March 18, 2006

He's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Safe arrival from Mexico; it was a crazy trip and it led right into a crazy convo with a friend that should never have happened (and we need to revisit that – I am tired of us having stilted conversations on the phone) and then to some serious fun on St Paddy’s night. Ah the joys of cute women and green beer.

So since Enterprise made me take out both Mexican and US insurance on the damn rental car at the cost of almost $40 a day, it is impossible for me to resist taking crazy chances with the car. I have always wanted to do doughnuts in the law school parking lot but never wanted to shred my own tires but now at full liability insurance there was nothing to stop me and let me tell you IT WAS BLOODY FUN! I also always wondered how fast I could go in the parking lot the answer is really, really fast – hell I even made my self dizzy by pulling tight circles in the lot. Almost worth the over priced insurance!

Driving in Mexico is not as bad as peeps claim in fact it was so easy that S – Assassin and I even rented ATVs and took them both on and off road – more on that later: ‘What happened in Mexico…never happened’ unless it’s safe to talk about and then “Hell yeah I was in Mexico!”


Mad Bull said...

Sounds like you had a whale of a time. Good for you. You sound crazy enough to do the donuts with the rental too! :-))

SA said...

forget for a moment that we both nearly ate it on the ATVs... and i was chased by a stray dog... oh, and our rental store's idea of safety was showing us how to operate the thing and wishing us good luck. but, yeah, SO MUCH FUN!!!

Lyoness said...

leave it to u to do something stupid and reckless and enjoy it :)

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