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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Screw Toshiba and here I come Mexico!

So the cali-J still has his lappy because bloody Toshiba neglected to inform me on just how long it would take to get it back to me and I need to get exam soft – so off to check a new location before driving 250 miles into Mexico. On the plus side the car that I am renting to head into Mexico has been upgraded – peeps say I flirt a lot BUT, the ‘conversation’ that I had with the young lady on the phone allowed me to get our premium car for standard car prices! With 3 six footers sitting in the car I feel it’s best to ride in comfort.

So how pimp is this plan – a road trip in a nice car to an ocean front 2 bedroom condo for 4 days, possibly ending in a Vegas weekend! Life is good!

And if no one hears from me, by Sunday please contact the fam – I am probably in a Mexican jail!


Dr. D. said...

Sounds good my yute....I assume u linking some lasses ;-)

BTW, you hear anyting from you bredrin Shotta M?

Ri said...

Yo - sounds like an excellent plan. Enjoy yourself. What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico (and gets blogged).

Mad Bull said...

Yeah, it looks like Macalester has swallowed Shotta M whole! You hear anything from him?

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