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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sometimes a song expresses everything you feel!

You might not know this about me but when depressed I cook. Many peeps just eat (lots of store bought junk) I however will eat the store bought junk and will add my own cooked meals to it. So to add to the fact that I am already having a horrible week, a friend and I just had a spat/tiff/fight what ever the hell you call these things nowadays when neither person talks to the other in person and the whole thing plays out over the internet.

So it’s a whatever situation: I will be heading to the supermarket right after class to purchase a pork roast but that sumbitch will not be roasted instead I am going to slather it with jerk seasoning and slow grill it for about 2 hours at that point I should be having the best pork on the west coast.

Never fall in love with a woman that hates you (no that is not the depressing thing in my life, it does not help but it is not the thing), you can only get hurt.

Suicide is such a pussy way to go out…yet sometimes one just wish’s to be rid of it all; but only for awhile. Yes I know I called peeps who commit suicide pussies, and yes I really believe that; sorry if you lost a family member or someone to suicide I have too and now all I can think of them with is disdain for that act. The rest of their memory I will honor that final act I cannot view with anything but disdain tinged with pity.

What I am currently listening to (lovely lyrics don’t you think?)
“When I get dusted, I like to spread the blood like mustardTrust it, my hardcore rain leaves you rustedMove over lucifer, I’m more ruthless, huhLeave your toothless, you’ll kibbitz, I’ll flip itTears don’t affect me, I hit ’em with the tech gDisrespect me - my potency is deadlyI’m shootin babies, no ifs ands or maybesHit mummy in the tummy if the hooker plays a dummySlit the wrist of little sisAfter she sucked the dick, I stabbed her brother with the icepickBecause he wanted me to fuck him from the backBut smalls don’t get down like thatGot your father hidin in a room; fucked him with the broomSlit him down the back and threw salt in the woundWho you think you’re dealin with? Anybody step into my path is fuckin feelin it!Hardcore, I got it sucked like a pussyStab ya til you’re gushy, so please don’t push.. meI’m using rubbers so they won’t trace the semenThe black demon, got the little hookers screaminBecause you know I love it young, fresh and greenWith no hair in between, know what I mean?”
----‘Dead Wrong’ Notorious B.I.G.

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Dr. D. said...

Hope de pork turn out nice.

Rassclaat my yute, dah song deh....where do these people come up wid dem lyrics?

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