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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Shed a tear for me...

So I just got back in from a great bar review and I am now blogging at 2.26am and I can’t help but think that in Texas (Tejas for my Latin American readers) I would still be in a bar…oh yes indeed the night life in SD is limited. So I now have more tears on me than a girl watching ‘Tears of Endearment’ the doc just informed me today that I have a minor tear in my left ankle and a minor (if any in the knee can be considered minor) tear in a ligament in my left knee. My apologies to any of the young ladies I dance with tonight, if my dancing appeared a bit stilted – that’s what happens when your dance partner is wearing a bandage and a brace, in a couple weeks “whatcha now!”

So my doctor has finally prescribed Ambien CR to me, however I cannot take it tonight because I promised her I would not take it with alcohol and if there is one thing I do it is keep promises. My doc and I are cool with each other and I am 100% honest with her (after all if there is anyone you need to confess habits to it’s gotta be the person who gives you drugs) and she knows my habits of mixing alcohol with pills. Amazing that I have never taken an illicit drug in my life (though I have no problem with others taking them in fact in many cases I think some of the illicit drugs are better than legal ones like tobacco) but I practically have a pharmacy at my home – you want a hallucinogen I got that – need a mood alterer I got that – need an allergy pill that will make you; drowsy; alert; sleep I got that; - want to make sure your friend can’t avoid the toilet sadly I got that too (I was a practical joker in a past life the ones who know me best know about the vodka and Milk of Magnesia trick)

I swear at some pt I will give a recap of the Texas trip – It was great and some of the pictures will be released on a password protected picture site.

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