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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Indy 500

Danica Patrick: I don’t know how many of my readers watch open wheel racing, but if you don’t today was a rather historic day. Granted she didn’t win but for a little while it looked like she had a chance. My prediction that she would not win appeared to be in jeopardy for about 5 minutes. However, she was a rookie and rookies make mistakes. The fact that she is a woman to me was less important than the fact that she is a rookie. The recent uproar about her weight giving her an advantage might be legit. I however don’t know how much of an advantage it gives and whether its significant enough to warrant IRL looking into it. But, it’s interesting to note that she is 100lbs v most of the top guys who weigh in at 200lbs and I know that when my friends race they will even strip the carpet out of the car to make it faster; they may have to start handicapping like horse racing. I think this is one of those things that might not change until a woman wins in a male dominated sport and then the men will panic.


Maria Elisa said...

If the weight thing is that significant, which I believe it is, then perhaps more sponsors will start hiring female race car drivers to see their vehicles raced at optimal levels. Hmmmm. Interesting development.

aarond said...

Problem is (warning sexist comment about to appear) to see the car raced at the optimal levels they need male drivers. So lightweight male drivers will probably be best

Maria Elisa said...

I talked to a friend of mine that races cars and he told me that her weight was irrelevant. All race cars must weigh in at a particular combined weight (driver included). Basically, they all weigh the same. If she weighed 100 pounds less, then they added weight to the vehicle. Apparently it is really a level playing field.

aarond said...

With all due respect tell your friend that they are WRONG. Nascar does the combined weigh in. IRL which is the open wheel racing that Danica is a part of does not weigh the driver with the car.

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