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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

For you Tara

So I went over to the School’s eatery for lunch today (something I try to avoid) circumstances demanded it…I had to walk to school today because my garage door and all the other garage doors in my complex would not open…but I digress.

So I was at the eatery which is only half an eatery since until the damn undergrads return to school nothing good is open and the persons behind the counter cop an attitude as if my money is no good

(Tangent: “Your damn tasteless made with day old bread sandwiches are not worth the paper they are wrapped in so maybe you should served the bloody sandwich with a bloody smile on your face” – is what I wanted to say but of course all that came out was “ Can I have a mission beef [roast beef sandwich with a cutesy name as if that will improve the taste] toasted please” ) So after dealing with the shocked look because I dared to ask for it toasted and my reply of “fine” to the statement that it will have to be microwaved.

I take my sandwich to the check out counter and say to the lady “Just a sandwich” so that I do not get charged for the crappy combo (Tangent: “Good grief sandwiches at our school are bloody expensive $4.25 for a thin slice of roast beef a strip of lettuce, mozzarella cheese and day old bread??????”) to my statement of “Just a sandwich” I receive the reply “That is not just a sandwich that is a ‘Mission Beef’!” To that I replied with yep u guessed it nothing not a damn thing what am I going to say to that, that look of pride that hint of I created that name in her voice I will not be the man who crushes the sandwich chefs dreams I will not be the bearer of bad news, plus at the time it struck me that damn maybe this sandwich is as good as she says…NOPE. I had it hastily before class and it’s just like every other damn sandwich over there so now because I am bored in class and still mad that I was tricked by a mildly amusing sandwich name that cost way too much I am blogging. STONE COLD.


Tara said...

YAY aaron! thanks for posting so i had something to read during corps class (other than IMs from you, BD and Jess!). I feel your sandwich pain, however, my boy bought mine for me today... :)

Angry Dog said...

Lol my yute...."Mission Sandwich" sound sorta scary--don't worry, at the college I work at the president has a sandwich named after him [not the most popular item on the menu either]

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