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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The wind done gone…

So Katrina came and oh she was a wet one. (Ok so once again I slipped into grade school humor but screw it OCI is a depressing time so let me act childish for a second)

On to the actual rant:
The loss of life is sad, the massive destruction of property I think is even sadder. See here is my feeling…

People were given mandatory evacuation orders and many ignored it, many felt that the hurricane would not hit them or hit them hard. Screw them…if you had the option to leave and stayed put after all those warnings I find it hard to be sympathetic to you if you were injured. The sympathy I feel is for all those who lost property, all those who are currently being looted (nasty thieving rat bastards – looters should be shot! More on that in a sec.). Amazing that with all the warnings peeps still stayed put and then have the audacity to call for rescuers – What? Hell no swim your dumbass to safety…by staying and then calling for help you have put in danger the lives of all those who have to come for you and let’s not kid ourselves we know brave fire fighters and policemen will always come for you no matter how much u were at fault. Some dude called the AP saying he didn’t want to break through his roof but that water was lapping at his ankles and “I want to live” This is why I couldn’t be a dispatcher because some how I know that 911 would suddenly drop a call.

The loss of property sucks I hate peeps who are saying serve them right for living there. Screw that: I know it’s a chance you take living in the NO but that doesn’t mean that my heart can’t go out to them when a storm comes and takes everything away. Hell I live in Cali I know we are one big earthquake away from the stone age, the mid west is one major dust storm away from the early 1900s (look it up if you don’t know) and hell the east coast is one good hurricane away from being the Dakotas. We all take chances in spots where we live…though those peeps that keep building trailer homes in tornado alley kind of piss me off. Many peeps in NO grew up there so it’s not for anyone to tell them that they should move just to be safe…just EVACUATE damn it when a storm is coming.

Now my federal tax dollars are going to rescue yokel after yokel from the top of his roof…LEARN TO SWIM or LEARN TO EVACUATE. Do both and everything will be better. Don’t get me wrong though, those people who were unable to escape due to infirmities or poverty etc have all my love and sympathy…the rest of y’all…Fassys!

Looters I hate you and pity you, anyone who takes things from others in times like this is an asshole. I know some of those peeps stayed put when the storm came just hoping for the chance to loot. I hope you drown!


Maria Elisa said...

You know that a lot of the money that will be spent to rebuild that place and to pay for the rescues will be coming from California tax payers. We're constantly carrying the burden of other states.

I think that the people that stayed after they were told to evacuate, and were physically able to, should have to pay for their rescues. No pity for stupid people.

The Monkey Attack Victim said...

I know a lot of people are having difficulty finding sympathy for those that chose to stay behind during the hurricane, but don't be too hard on them. Louisiana is not used to such devastating hurricanes, not like residents of Florida and the islands of the Caribbean. They had no idea things would be so bad. The average person could not have predicted the levies breaking, though I am sure there are some engineers biting back I told you so's. We are talking about their homes and all their worldly possessions. How easy would it be for you to leave behind EVERYTHING, if that was not a choice you had ever faced before? My point is, while those who remained behind when they were able to evacuate obviously made the wrong choice, the damage is done. Blame is not going to help or change anything. We all make bad choices that we never think will turn out as badly as they do. The damage is done, and now it is time to rebuild and salvage what is left.

Just keep in mind that were something like this to happen to you, would you want others to look past your mistake and help? It sucks that so much money is and will be spent, but what are we going to do? Not help those in need?

Scott said...

When you look at what the looters are doing, can you blame people for wanting to stay behind and protect their property? Nobody knew the city would get hit this bad. I grew up in Florida. I saw people leave their homes for dozens of evacuation orders with no real damage happening to their homes. How many times would you be willing to get everything stolen before you just say, "to hell with it - I have to protect my home"?
Plus, a lot (but probably not most) of the people staying in the city were sick or old or poor and could not travel. Many of them don't have cars. When Louisiana gave the evacuation order, they didn't give these people assistance to leave.

SC said...

You also have to understand that nearly 30% of the the people are in poverty in New Orleans. These people barely have a roof over their head and food; so I think the chances of them having cars is very low. The government did not provide public transportation (buses, etc.) for people to get out. So when you have no car, and your neigbors and your family dont have cars, what real choice do you have. Some news that came out this week, which hasn't been talked about, is that poverty rose for the 4th straight year here in the US. It is a pure tragedy what is going on down there.

aarond said...

Oh I will definitely be pitching in to help...those at USD please help out I will be in the writs next week taking donations etc. I have symapthy for those that couldn't leave and I have sympathy for those that stayed...I just had to rant. But beyond that I do understand the tearing of your soul that happens when you have to figure between grabbing papers and running for the hills vs staying and hoping to ride it out. What I don't like is the fact that the lives of so many have to be risked for those who had the means to leave and chose not to leave despite the clear warnings. NO is not like Florida because FL is not a bowl hurricanes are devastating enough but their greatest toll comes from the flooding and the peeps in NO were assured that their city would become a bloody swimming pool in no time flat...That being said again let's all rally around and help in anyway we can.

False Data said...

Re. rebuilding, that remains to be seen. If you look at late 19th century maps, you'll see Galveston listed, but not Houston. Then the hurricane of 1900 hit Galveston. It covered most of the city in 4 feet of sand. Galveston rebuilt, but now it's just a charming seaside town with very few buildings predating 1900. Effectively, the whole city relocated 50 miles inland to Houston. I heard a telling BBC podcast today: a family had evacuated, but they didn't have the funds to wait the 1-4 months before NO is habitable again and were thinking they'd have to find a job where they'd landed. Multiply by a substantial fraction of the city's population and you see what might happen. So, I hope NO can rebuild, for the sake of the folks who lived there, but I'm no longer confident it'll happen.

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